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Technically, and then there were six? I’m not great with numbers. The long story short is, I’ve been a non-blogging mom for five-and-a-half years (I neglected my professional blog as well, so it wouldn’t feel left out) and a few things have happened. I made a list (I love a good list), and two of them are incredibly important. We’ll start there.

  1. We had twins. Well, we made them, I birthed them. Long story kinda short is: we were not trying to get pregnant. We got pregnant. At around eight weeks I had my first ultrasound (ironically, it would be the first of 9,500,028). The lovely ultrasound tech, who was chatting us up, was the one who told Ned/Thor/Gunnar he would need to sit down, because she had something to show us. That something was two babies. Many weeks later, we made the decision to find out the gender. They were two boys. (That’s a whole ’nuther blog post.)
  2. This means I live in the same house with NTG, Max, Andy, and now Ryan and Ethan. That’s five penii, ladies and gents. Oh my oh my.
  3. I quit my job. In the spirit of the, “OH MY GAWD WE’RE HAVING TWINS!” mentality that was going on around here, early on in the acceptance process I made this decision to help my sanity. I knew how difficult it was to work with two young, active kiddos. Four? FOUR!? No. Nopity, nope, nope. NTG thought I should hang on to it. He’s since changed his mind.
  4. This decision to quit my job, the life event of welcoming more babies into our family, the pandemic, losing loved ones, all of that … what do we call it? Life. Life is what has been happening for five-and-a-half years. And honestly, I don’t know how I swam through all of it. Or how I’m still doing it. I do know it has at times felt very, very heavy.

So I have few stories to share. The birth, the pregnancy, the life with four children. How Max has been doing with it all, and how he is doing in general. Going from being a Stay-at-Home-Working-Mom to a Stay-at-Home-Mom, and what that world is like. I promise to not blog about virtual school, because we all know how THAT is going *eyeroll*. It is a crazy and oddly satisfying mess, for sure. I hope you stay tuned!

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